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We love the game of Cornhole. And we've partnered with the best of the best to produce custom, pro-quality Cornhole equipment, gear, & apparel.

Cornhole is a sport that anyone - of any age & any skill set - can play and can win.

So, ACL Pro Ryan Windsor + team have set out to source high quality bags, boards, and gear that can help you take your game to Elite status.

We only sell equipment that we ourselves love to use! 


Killshots Phantom Series

  • Unrivaled Performance, Top Quality, and Superior Designs, trusted by the one of the greatest players of all time.

    ACL Pro Ryan Windsor: 3x National Singles Champion

    🏆 ACL PRO APPROVED: Officially approved by the American Cornhole League for professional play, meeting all size (6"x6"x1.25") and weight (16oz) requirements.
  • 💪 PRO-GRADE QUALITY: Designed for both beginner and pro players, ensuring a premium experience for all skill levels.
  • 🛡️ Superior Durability: Weather-resistant and built to last.
  • 🔄 DUAL-SIDED MATERIAL SYSTEM: Featuring a fast side and a slow side for the perfect balance of speed and control during gameplay.
  • 🧪 RESIN BLEND TECHNOLOGY: Multiple resin blends formulated to provide diverse gameplay experiences and cater to individual play styles.
  • 💡 CUSTOM MILLED MATERIALS: Exclusive, innovative materials developed through years of research to deliver optimal performance.
  • 🏅 AS SEEN ON ESPN, CBS and NBC Sports: Killshots bags were used to win back-to-back National Championships, proving their championship-caliber quality.
  • 🎨 EYE-CATCHING GRAPHICS: Stand out with our eye-catching, unique designs that bring style and personality to your game.
  • 🇺🇸 MADE IN MICHIGAN: Proudly manufactured in our Michigan facility.

Introducing the Killshots Phantom Bag Series, a versatile and high-performance cornhole bag that caters to the needs of carpet throwers and players seeking precision and control. The Phantom features our brand new custom blended Crossfire Resin, a small round fill that enables cuts, bounces, and rolls, ensuring a dynamic gameplay experience you'll absolutely love. 

The fast side of the Phantom Bag showcases our popular Mag material, playing at a speed of 9/10 and excelling in cutting and pushing actions. This slick side allows for smooth slides and effortless strategic moves that enhance your gameplay. 

On the slow side, the Phantom Bag utilizes our Classic Carpet, a soft and traditional carpet material perfect for rolling, bouncing, and setting up solid blocks. This side of the bag offers a unique balance, providing additional control and precision in your throws. 





Ryan Windsor

Cuba, IL

Great Lakes Conference

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🏅3x Pro Singles National Champion

🏅Illinois Back-To-Back Singles State Champion
🏅3x Open Doubles Champion
🏅Open Singles Champion
🏆Crew Cup World Champion
🏆Blind Draw World Champion
🏆2x Pro Shootout Singles Champion
🏆Pro Shootout Doubles Champion


Ryan Windsor ACL Pro Stats 














Hello, I am ACL Pro Ryan Windsor.

I started playing cornhole at 14 years old and quickly fell in love with the game. From the moment I tossed my first bag at 14, I knew cornhole was more than just a game to me. It's a passion that fuels my drive to be the best. I cherish my small-town roots, where my love for the game began. After completing my Associate's degree from Spoon River College, I made the bold decision to forgo a traditional career path and instead, dedicate my life to professional cornhole.

I aim to carve out a legacy as one of the greatest cornhole player of all time. This isn't just about mastering the physical aspects of the game but about being a student of the game, understanding that mental strength and confidence are just as important as physical skill. 

 My journey from Cuba, IL, to the professional arena has been filled with challenges and triumphs, but my goal has always been clear: to become one of the greatest playesr of all time. Throughout my career, I've reached milestones that I hold close to my heart. Including:


🏅3x Pro Singles National Champion

🏅Illinois Back-To-Back Singles State Champion
🏅3x Open Doubles Champion
🏅Open Singles Champion
🏆Crew Cup World Champion
🏆Blind Draw World Champion
🏆2x Pro Shootout Singles Champion
🏆Pro Shootout Doubles Champion

As I continue on this path, my ambition remains strong. I am not just playing for titles or for myself; I play for the love of the game, for the community that supports me, and for the next generation of players whose dreams burn as brightly as mine did at 14. Welcome to my story. Join me as I continue to write it, one bag at a time.


Life Outside of Cornhole

Home for me is the little town of Cuba, Illinois. It’s a quiet place, surrounded by the fields and nature that I’ve always loved. Here, I learned the value of community, dedication, and perseverance. My childhood in Cuba, with its simple pleasures and emphasis on family and outdoor life, shaped me in profound ways.

My family is my anchor — my brothers, my mom, and the cherished memory of my dad, who introduced me to the game and whom I strive to make proud every single day. Losing my father at 18 was a defining moment, one that transformed my approach to life, he was my first cornhole opponent and my inspiration; living a life he'd be proud of is my driving force. 

When I’m not playing cornhole, I enjoy hunting and fishing, and embracing the serenity they bring, or simply watching my nephews find their own passions in sports. These hobbies keep me grounded and remind me that life’s joys can be found in the simple moments. 

From playing football, basketball, and baseball in high school, to studying in college, and then becoming a professional cornhole player, I’ve learned to work hard and dedicate myself to my goals. I’m always working to improve, to turn any weakness into a strength. More than being a great player, I want to be known as someone who put in the effort, who kept learning and growing—both in the game and in life.

As time passes, I've come to appreciate life's balance. While I enjoy the tranquility of the outdoors and the mental challenge of poker or a video game, cornhole remains my unwavering passion.