About My Team: Killshots Cornhole

Taking Over The Game: 2022 Singles National Champion, Matthew Creekkiller and I, are set to team up for the 2023 Season, in partnership with Killshots Cornhole.

Killshots Cornhole: The Leading Cornhole Manufacturer. The Perfect Blend of Performance, Style and Quality.

Killshots Cornhole was founded at the end of 2019, making professional cornhole bags that are licensed for use in the American Cornhole League, and have been seen on ESPN, CBS, NBC Sports, and many other networks! Their first season licensed to produce professional cornhole equipment, their bags were used to win the only 2 national championships on ESPN back to back in 2020.

My Journey

Hello, I am ACL Pro Ryan Windsor.

I started playing cornhole at 14 years old and quickly fell in love with the game. From the moment I tossed my first bag at 14, I knew cornhole was more than just a game to me. It's a passion that fuels my drive to be the best. I cherish my small-town roots, where my love for the game began. After completing my Associate's degree from Spoon River College, I made the bold decision to forgo a traditional career path and instead, dedicate my life to professional cornhole.

My journey from Cuba, IL, to the professional arena has been filled with challenges and triumphs, but my goal has always been clear: to become one of the greatest playesr of all time. Throughout my career, I've reached milestones that I hold close to my heart. Including:

🏅3x Pro Singles National Champion

🏅Illinois Back-To-Back Singles State Champion
🏅3x Open Doubles Champion
🏅Open Singles Champion
🏆Crew Cup World Champion
🏆Blind Draw World Champion
🏆2x Pro Shootout Singles Champion
🏆Pro Shootout Doubles Champion

As I continue on this path, my ambition remains strong. I am not just playing for titles or for myself; I play for the love of the game, for the community that supports me, and for the next generation of players whose dreams burn as brightly as mine did at 14. Welcome to my story. Join me as I continue to write it, one bag at a time.

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