Sac Relax


No one likes throwing a stiff cornhole bag! Sac Relax is a specially formulated solution to help break in your new set of bags. It is the fastest way to soften cornhole bags and get your new favorite set of bags ready for competition.

Unlike fabric softener, this does not leave a residue or film.

Each bottle contains enough solution to Sac Relax up to 3 cornhole bag sets (12 bags). Use sparingly–you only need a quarter size blob per application.

Simple application process:

  1. Dampen bags (warm water is best)
  2. Massage a quarter size amount of of Sac Relax into the bag
  3. Allow the bags to rest for 10-15 minutes
  4. Rinse the bags thoroughly (warm or cold water)
  5. Let air dry or tumble dry on NO heat.
  • For really stiff bags repeat process.