PRO X Series Bags



Upgrade your Cornhole game with the ultimate, American Cornhole League (ACL) approved cornhole bags! Made in collaboration with Reynolds Bags.

This series has a two material design that offers a fast slick and true stick play, perfect for your next backyard game, tailgate, or tournament. It's been a favorite of both casual and professions players for years!

On the slick side, the "Excel" material. The other side features the infamous Reynold's "Carpet" material for stick play that can't be rivaled.


  • Made right here in the USA!
  • One side has a carpet-like material - traditional stick side
  • One side has a polyester weaved material - slick side
  • Premium resin pellet fill - making it washable and weather resistant
  • Quality stitching with super strong thread
  • Built to American Cornhole League specifications
  • Full-color, infused ink - no residue to affect game play
  • Includes (4) bags

These bags are ACL approved for any tournament play and are televised broadcast friendly for play on ESPN, CBS, and NBC.


  • Dimension: 6" x 6"
  • Weight: 16 oz.

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