PRO X Series Bags


Upgrade your Cornhole game with the ultimate, American Cornhole League (ACL) approved cornhole bags! Made in collaboration with Reynolds Bags.

This series has a two material design that offers a fast slick and true stick play, perfect for your next backyard game, tailgate, or tournament. It's been a favorite of both casual and professions players for years!

On the slick side, the "Excel" material. It plays a rating faster than the "Gold" material and a couple ratings faster than the "Advantage" material. The other side features the infamous Reynold's "Carpet" material for stick play that can't be rivaled.


  • Made right here in the USA!
  • One side has a carpet-like material - traditional stick side
  • One side has a polyester weaved material - slick side
  • Premium resin pellet fill - making it washable and weather resistant
  • Quality stitching with super strong thread
  • Built to American Cornhole League specifications
  • Full-color, infused ink - no residue to affect game play
  • Includes (4) bags

These bags are ACL approved for any tournament play and are televised broadcast friendly for play on ESPN, CBS, and NBC.


  • Dimension: 6" x 6"
  • Weight: 16 oz.

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