Original Logo Patches


Show your support of Windsor Bags Co with our new patches.

They come in Velcro or Iron-on backing options, so you can place them on your carrying case or any other piece of fabric you desire.

Approximately 3" x 2" in size



Instructions for applying Iron-on patches:

Patches adhere best to cotton & polyester materials. Heat from the iron can damage many fabrics like nylon, rayon, or rain jacket materials.

  1. Turn iron to highest heat setting (make sure steam setting is off)
  2. Position patch on fabric
  3. Place a thin cotton fabric over the patch (thin towel, pillow case, handkerchief)
  4. Press iron down for 30 seconds. BE CAREFUL NOT TO SHIFT THE IRON
  5. Allow patch to cool completely and check to see if adhered properly. If not, re-press iron for another 15 seconds.